How To Get 6 Packs Abs In Six Months

How To Get 6 Packs Abs In Six Months


6 pack abs are something every man fancy. Am I right guys? But, what do you do to actually get them except wishing for them? Well, I might expect answers like I go to the gym or I follow a strict diet etc …

Before starting, here is the most useful tip for you:

  • If you are tempted to articles like “GET SIX PACKS IN ONE MONTH OR TWO MONTHS,” then you have something to beware of. There is no shortcut to perfectly ripped body and six pack abs. In no way you can get them in a month. If you want to get them on, you have to sweat it off. You might see significant changes in one or two months, but you’ll take minimum four or six months to get those abs flaunt sexy on your stomach.

Well, do you think that’s enough or merely going to the gym is your answer to “How to get six-pack-abs?” No, that’s definitely not enough. If that was, then every man on the planet would have six-pack-abs and no one would face any trouble finding a girlfriend. Isn’t it?

If you are really willing to get the six pack abs then you need to get a little more serious about it. Before actually getting you to the target of ripped and beach-ready body, I have one advice for you. Have fun while you are working on your six pack abs. Then, exercising will never feel exhausting and mundane. And along with workout, you must need a right and best diet for six pack abs. Just remember, when it’s about six pack abs, exercise and diet are equally crucial.

6 Rules and Methods To Get Ripped 6 Pack Abs

These are not only the rules, these are the ways without which you won’t be able get the abs you desire of.
  1. Rule 1: Eat Required Amount of Protein
  2. Rule 2: Maintain a Calorie Deficit
  3. Rule 3: Eat Healthy Fats & Carbs
  4. Rule 4: Choose a healthy Diet as suggested by dietician
  5. Rule 5: Don’t do the excess of Planks and Crunches
  6. Rule 6: Make the most of Cardio Workouts

Rule 1: Eat Required Amount of Protein


When it comes to body building, there is nothing that can replace protein. If you want the best body building or ab building tip, this is it. Add protein to your diet either in the form of food or as dietary supplement. Eating protein makes sure that you are getting enough of fuel for your body to work out. You must eat protein to ensure that you don’t lose any muscle mass and stay muscles throughout the cycle. Often, rigorous workout lead to loss of muscle mass and protein is essential to retain it.Therefore, ensure that you are getting enough of protein in order to get six pack abs.

Rule 2: Maintain a Calorie Deficit


Who says abs are made in the gym? They’re made in the kitchen my friend. There is no way you can get six pack abs without maintaining a proper calorie deficit. You must get rid of all the fat on your stomach to let your abs show. Now take your dietician’s advice, count the calories you need to eat everyday and from what sources. Calculate the calories you need to burn everyday and then work out accordingly. Maintaining a proper calorie deficit is the real secret to sexier 6 pack abs.

Rule 3: Add Healthy Fats and Carbs to Your Diet


Fats and carbs aren’t always bad. Yes, there is a thing like good fats too. When you are working out to get 6 pack abs, these healthy fats are very important for you because they give you enough to lose. These fats are also very important for maintaining a healthy diet while working out rigorously. Also, don’t forget to miss the post workout carbs and fats because they’re gonna make it out for have you have sweated.

Rule 4: Choose a healthy Diet as Suggested by Dietician


As I said, abs are not built in the gym, they’re built in the kitchen. You need to watch what you eat if you want to build those six pack abs. You must avoid the foods like sugar, simple carbs, fried foods, and alcohol. You should focus more on the healthy foods like Salmon, Eggs, Avocados, Oily Fish, Nuts, Milk and other protein rich foods.

Rule 5: Do Not Do Planks and Crunches in Excess


You must have heard that excess of anything is not good. Same applies in this case. People often make mistake of doing excess of workout in order to get the abs fast. You know what, this is the worst mistake you can make with your routine. Your muscles need some time to relax and offer the maximum results. So, excess of planks and crunches are not going to offer you anything extra. Also make sure that you do certain exercises in variation to make the most of whatever you do.

Rule 6: Make the Most of Cardio Workouts


Cardio is essentially important if you have a big layer of fat on your stomach because there is no exercise that can burn calories as effectively as cardio. Do mixed cardio in intervals at variable intensity. That’s the best way of making most of the cardio workout. This will help you burn maximum calories and get the 6 pack abs fast in 6 months.

Remember, the key to 6 pack abs is commitment and consistency. If you are not consistent with your routine, you’ll get trouble having them. So, workout and diet with full potential, enthusiasm, determination, and you’re just few months away from perfectly ripped 6 pack abs.

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