Top 10 Fat-Burning Foods You Must Be Eating

Top 10 Fat-Burning Foods You Must Be Eating


What, according to you, is the worst enemy of your fitness and body? Fat, I guess. There is one wish that every single one of you might have made at least once in a lifetime: “Oh, how I wish I could eat a lot without getting fat.” I don’t know about you, but I, personally, have made that wish especially when it comes to pizza.

We often relate food to weight-gain and that’s wrong. Yes, there is high-calorie or high-fat food you have been munching on in your daily life. And then there are fat-burning foods too that you have been ignoring life there is no such food that makes you lose weight. Wait, do you think like that? If yet, then you are probably wrong because there are some foods that help you lose weight instead of gaining it. You can make them your diet food and eat these foods to burn fat. These foods are mainly low in calories and help you burn fat by boosting your metabolism and giving you the energy to act resulting in more calories burning each day.

We have compiled a list of top 10 foods that help you lose weight. So, add them to your diet and see the magic happening. Here they are:

1.     Green Tea – An Ultimate Fat Burning Food


Green Tea tops the list when it comes to the list of top 10 fat burning foods. Making green tea your favorite beverage to quench your thirst would be the best decision you are going to make with your preferred drinking choices. Green tea helps you lose weight in plenty of ways. The number one of them is that it controls the cravings for fast food, sugar, and alcohol. There are many health benefits of green tea you must check.

Green Tea is rich in anti-oxidant EGCG which stays active all the day to burn calories. All you need to do is replace your sugar-laden beverages with green tea and experience the big list of health benefits that green tea offers along with helping you in losing weight.

2.     Garlic and Onions


Yes, I am aware that I garlic and onions are two foods instead of one. But I have a list to cover, so, I hope you understand. Moreover, a combination of these two is also very beneficial, especially for weight loss. When they together are mixed with food, they help you break down the fat inside your body and increase the metabolism. The minerals and oils that compose garlic and onions are very beneficial for your overall health. You can use these two superfoods in almost every food. They are not just among the top fat-burning foods; they also increase your immunity and give you the power to fight diseases.

3.     Tamarind

fat buring foods

Tamarind is basically a food that’s used in many dishes to add taste. But recently, the studies have revealed that tamarind can be associated with the weight loss as it can help you consume fewer calories by controlling your appetite. Along with reducing the appetite, it helps to reduce the body fat by controlling the level of serotonin in the body which is related to increased calorie burning, satiety, and body’s ability to create new blood cells.

Now you can confidently say, “Hey, pass that curry please.”

4.     Whole Grain Bread

whole grain bread for weight loss

This fiber loaded food comes with so many nutritional benefits than they are supposed to. They make you a most satisfying and low-calorie breakfast with high nutritional value. You can pair them up with other healthy food like eggs, yogurt, and berries to make a perfect breakfast for you.

Whole-grain bread is low in calories and they make you tummy-full really soon. They minimize your calories and make you consume fewer calories throughout the day. This fat burning food also boosts your metabolism and makes you burn more calories.

5.     Broccoli

fat burner foods - Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the healthiest foods you are ever going to find on this planet. What’s even greater is that this food promotes weight-loss and makes your skin look young and vibrant. This is low calorie and zero fat vegetable which boasts an amazing deal of fibers and other health benefits. Not to mention, you will find this food in all types of top 10 foods related to health, beauty, and weight loss. It’s a complete health and fitness package.

6.     Yoghurt

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Well, this one is my personal favorite and I can eat it with almost anything in this world without considering whether it makes any combination with the food I am  eating or not. This one is high in protein and serves best when taken as the breakfast. If you don’t like it plain, you can add flavors to your yogurt by adding berries and nuts. It is the best food to fulfill your daily need of dairy and is an ultimate dose of health for you.

7.     Brown Rice

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Who says rice is for fat? They’re not when they’re brown. And once you’ve started eating brown rice, you can never go back to their white variation. Brown rice is laden with the fiber and they are very healthy for you. They’ll tempt you with their nutty taste and dusky texture. You can cook them with high fiber beans to add more credibility to them. Do make sure that you drink a lot of water when you consume brown rice.

8.     Turmeric

Turmeric - diet food

This yellow spice is known for decreasing the chronic inflammation in your body but there is much more to it.  It doesn’t only decrease the inflammation in body but also decreases inflammation in the fat cells of your body. In a study that was conducted on mice, researchers found that the mice who were regularly given turmeric dose along with the regular food gained less weight than those who weren’t given turmeric.

So, be all up for the turmeric whenever you have the chance.

9.     Tomato Juice


No one might have thought that a glass of tomato juice – aka Bloody Mary – can be a big fat-burner. Studies have revealed that tomato juice can decrease inflammation in the body that helps in shrinking the fat cells. According to the study, drinking 11oz of tomato juice regularly for the period of 20 days can lower the systematic inflammation in obese or overweight women. Regular consumption of tomato juice also helps in breaking down the fat inside your body.



Fat is not always bad for your health and Salmon is proof. Salmon is laden with good fats which contribute to the weight loss. This food is easy to cook and acts as the satisfying meal for you anytime. You can pair it up with veggies like kale, broccoli and a bowl of brown rice. You can cook a steak of salmon in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and it’s ready to pamper your appetite.

So, you have the best list of top 10 foods that burn fat now. All you have to do is add all of them to your diet in variations and stick to your diet and exercise until you achieve the weight that you desire. I bet that adding these fat burning foods to your diet will help you lose weight as faster as practically possible. All you need to show is dedication and commitment.