How to Meditate? – A Meditation Guide for Beginners.

How to Meditate? – A Meditation Guide for Beginners.

5 minute meditation

Meditation is the discovery that the point of life is always arrived at in the immediate moment. – Alan Watts

Want to learn how to meditate? But before that, you must know what meditation really is. Unless you don’t know what meditation means to you, you can’t meditate. It is a simple yet most effective technique that you will ever get to learn. Meditation holds the capability to give you a life-transforming experience that you will always be thankful for.

For me, meditation is the best decision I have made in past 10 years of my life. You know why? It’s because meditation has given me the sense of consciousness that has turned my world upside down. Now, I really know the things that I thought I knew but I didn’t. I am aware of my true self and I have accepted it with open arms. There is nothing in this world that can make my life miserable. I have learned to live happily with whatever I have and that’s where the benefits of meditation start.

This is why I have made meditation my world. Now that you have made the decision to make this practice a part of your life, you will know what meditation means to you.

How to meditate for beginners?

As a beginner, you’ll always face some problems while meditating. If you really want to learn how to meditation, then you must always keep on fact in your mind.

“Often beginners make this one mistake. They push it too hard to concentrate. The thing they must understand is that the meditation is not acted of concentrating; instead, it is the act of de-concentration. Meditation means freeing yourself from all the thoughts raveling inside you one by one.”

A meditation guides for beginners

Below is a step by step beginner’s guide for meditation. If you are a beginner too, this guide will help you to learn this art with time. However, you will not be a master in a couple of months; but still, you’ll learn it in a pretty effective way. Eventually, you’ll become a master too with time and experience.

Find a suitable and pleasing place for you

There is a saying about meditation, “If you can’t meditate in boiler’s room, you can’t meditate at all.” But that is for the experts.

As a beginner, you must choose a pleasing and quiet environment where no one can disturb you or interrupt your practice. Once found a place, sit down and relax by breathing deeply and mindfully. Put your palm on the knees and try to make yourself as comfortable as you can be.

Do not force yourself to sit in full-lotus positions. Half-lotus position will work for you too. People who have chronic problems and cannot sit can also do meditation in the sleeping or whatever position you’ll find comfortable.

Breathe Gently

Once you have got yourself a comfortable position, close your eyes softly releasing the stress off your eyes slowly. Now, begin by taking a deep breath slowly and gently. Don’t force yourself to breathe that gently. Just make yourself free and let it come naturally and slowly.

Mindful Breathing

Have you started feeling relax, calm, and stress-free with deep and gentle breathing? Good. Now it’s time to shift all your focus from random thoughts to your breathing. It’s time to become aware of breath you take and when you inhale or exhale. You can continue focusing on your breathing as long as you want to.

Let go of all random thoughts

This is the phase beginners find most challenging one. As a beginner, if you want to let go of your thoughts, then don’t force yourself to do so. Let it come naturally and effortlessly. For a beginner, it’s really hard to clear their mind and free it from all the thoughts.

The best thing to do here is let the thoughts come, acknowledge them, and say goodbye. Do not force them to leave you and your mind alone.

Ending the meditation session

When you think you are done for now and want to end your session. Just open your eyes and try to stand up slowly and gently. As you end the session, you’ll tend to stay calm and silent for some time and that state will be pretty blissful and calming for you.

This was a simple meditation guide for the beginners. Perform these steps with simplicity without trying to complicate them much. Try to extend your sessions until you become a pro. Once you master this technique, you will find that there are way too many benefits of meditation that are more than worthy thinking of the 15 minutes you dedicate to meditation.