Do you often hear you mom say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? Well, yes, she’s right. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and if you have ever had a thought of skipping breakfast, then remembers one thing: “Skipping breakfast in the morning can make you overeat for the rest of your day.”

Why should you never skip a breakfast?

I have known many people who skip the breakfast in order to lose weight. That is wrong. Skipping breakfast will never make you lose weight. Instead, it will lead you to gain more fact because when you skip the breakfast, you become more likely to overeat and consume more calories.

Moreover, we need breakfast to revitalize our metabolism in the morning so that your metabolic system can work efficiently throughout the day. Eating breakfast will give you a head start to meet the nutritional needs of your body. One scientific research has also proved that eating healthy breakfast every morning makes your immune system stronger.

What are some quick and healthy breakfast ideas?

Never skipping a breakfast doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you like. Sticking to healthy with high nutrition value is equally important. You must heat healthy breakfast foods in order to stay healthy and meet your body’s nutritional needs.

That’s why we have brought 5 healthy breakfast meals to lead you to a better and healthy life.



Oats are probably the best thing you can eat for breakfast. Have you ever noticed that there is a heart-shaped seal on your box of oatmeal? Well, that seal represents that oats are very healthy for your heart. Oats are rich in beta-glucan, which is a fiber which is known to reduce the bad cholesterol in your body. Oats also come packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and potassium.

What more? They’re easy to cook and it takes an average of 15 minutes to cook oats. You can add your favorite berries to add flavor and one bowl of this food will act as an amazingly healthy breakfast meal for you.



This tangy creamy food is considered to be one of the healthiest breakfast meals in this world. Yogurt come packed with calcium and boasts plenty of protein. Protein is the number nutrient recommended to maintain a proper health and weight. Yogurt is the perfect source of calcium.

Prefer plain yogurt instead of buying flavored yogurt. If you don’t like it plain, you can add berries to make it more tasty and nutritional.



Grapefruit makes a good breakfast. In fact, eating grapefruit before every meal can help you slim down remarkably. It is a big calorie burner. This food is also very effective in controlling blog sugar levels and insulin levels. This fruit is rich in antioxidants that boost your immunity.

This hydrating fruit is quite filling and low in calories. If you’re on medications, please make sure to consult your doctors because grapefruit might interrupt the effects of medications.



How could we forget bananas if we’re in the middle of the discussion of healthiest breakfasts? Bananas are the best starch resistant and come packed with the protein. They also contain healthy carbohydrates that keep you full for much longer.

You can just slice them up and eat with a toast with nut butter. You can also add the banana slices to your oatmeal to make a perfect breakfast for you. They also give you a healthy dose of potassium.



Eggs were shunned for high cholesterol but they’ve made their comeback in recent years as science has proved them the best breakfast to eat. Eggs are loaded with calcium and Vitamin D.

You can eat boiled or semi-boiled egg as a breakfast pair it up with whole grain toast or avocados. Eggs are also a good source of Omega-3 fats which are good for your health.

These were some quick and healthy breakfast meal ideas you can stick with. These breakfast ideas won’t only improve your health but will also help you lose weight.


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