Best Core Workouts for An Attractive Body

Best Core Workouts for An Attractive Body


Unarguably your core is the centerpiece of your physique. Whatever you call it, six-pack, eight-pack, or a washboard, every man in the world wants a stunning core. Some women are also fantasized about six pack abs and other just want a tight core. So basically, a tight and well-toned core is the eye-catcher for the opposite sex.

A well-defined and tight core is the sign of good fitness and health. It is also a representative of good personality. Therefore, men and women, both strive to work out to get a toned and ripped mid-section and only a few succeed in getting one.

If you also want a well-defined and sexy core that you don’t have to look any farther than this article. This article will outline five best core workouts that will lead you to a tighter core and sexy six-pack abs.  Don’t forget to ensure that your diet and cardiovascular training is in check while you are following these workouts. But before heading to the best workouts for core, you must know what core exercises really do.

What do core training exercises do?

Has your gym teacher ever challenged you on how many sit-ups you can do? Forget the gym teacher, have you ever accepted this challenge once in a while?

So, how much sit-ups you were able to do? Most of you would not have crossed 100, I can bet on that because I am one of you. And even after doing less than 100, our muscles become sore that it is really hard to walk.

This is why conditioning and strengthening the stomach muscles and lower back becomes crucial so that we don’t have to experience the intense stomach pain every time we do sit-ups. And this is what core exercises can do.

Core exercises are specially created to strengthen your core and make it tight. These workouts help your stomach muscles top grow and get strong.

5 Best Core Exercises You Must Do to Strengthen Your Core


Whenever it comes to the well-defined, tight, and tones-up core, planks have secured their place that cannot be replaced. It is undoubtedly one among the best core training exercises. It is the best core strengthening exercise that stimulates every muscle in your body especially the abdominal muscles.

How to do planks?

  1. First of all, lie on your stomach and raise your body up onto your elbows. Your elbows must be shoulder-width apart from each other.
  2. Now holding the above position, get on your toes and hold again.
  3. If you are a beginner, you must try holding that position for as long as you can hold. At first, your aim should be 30 seconds and then increase it slowly every next time.
  4. If you are an expert and can easily handle basic plan, then try various plank variations such as side-planks, reverse planks etc.


Whenever we talk about best core body exercises, squats are a must to include. They help you gain the stability and mobility of the body. Doing squats stimulates the abdominal and all downward muscles. This workout is not just for well-defined core, but also tones your thighs and buttocks.

By stimulating so many muscles, squats makes an optimal exercise for you to get an attractive body.

How to do squats?

  1. Stand on your feet and bring them shoulder-width apart. Keep your shoulders pulled back and your back straight and then bring your arms in from of you keeping them straight ahead.
  2. Bend your knees and move your butt down pretending that you are going to sit on a chair. This movement should be slow and gentle.
  3. While moving your butt down, get into the positions so that your thighs are parallel to the floor and your head and shoulders are aligned just over your knees.
  4. Hold this position for few seconds and move your butt up. Make sure that your weight is evenly distributed while you’re coming back to your original position.

Beginners must do 3 sets every day with 10 squats in each set.

Experts must do variations of squats such as weighted squats. They can also increase the intensity of the squats to make them more effective.

Side Jack Knife

One of the most effective cores strengthening exercises is Side Jack Knife. This workout is very effective in toning and tightening your core. When you lift your legs during this workout, your oblique is completely squeezed.

How to perform side jack knife

  1. Lie on your side and keep your legs almost straight and rose off the floor a bit.
  2. Now lift your torso off the floor while keeping your left forearm on the floor for balancing your body. And hold your other hand just behind your right ear, with your elbow pointing in the direction of your feet.
  3. Slowly lift both of your legs towards your torso and keeping your torso at a standstill. You will feel the stretch on the side of your body.
  4. Hold the above position for a minute and then slowly lower your leg back down.

    Beginner: Do the 3 sets with 10 repetitions in each set.

    Advanced: Try a more advanced version of the workout.

Hanging Leg-Raises

This is another core training exercise with great impact. This workout tones your midsection really well and requires a lot of efforts too. If accessible, secure your arms in arm bridles connected to the button up bar, or on the off chance that you have no arm tackles, and then handle the jaw up bar utilizing an overhand grasp. Permit your body to hang straight down keeping your feet together.

Next, twist your knees up towards your midsection while keeping your legs together. Once your twisted your knees up as high as possible, respite for a few seconds while pressing your lower abs, then gradually bring down your feet back towards the floor as your legs fix once more, taking you back to the beginning position.

Sets: Do three sets with 20 repetitions and 60 seconds rest in between the sets.

Hollow Body Hold

Hollow body hold is the exercise that most of the gymnasts learn on their first day of training and it makes a best core body exercise for you. This is the first thing that you must learn for a tight and well-toned core. This position braces your abdominals and creates tension in your entire body. That’s why this workout is fundamental to many other movements and workouts in the sport.

This body position comes with immense benefits especially for those who are looking for six-pack abs or a tight core.  This position also helps in improving other workouts like pull-ups, squats, etc.