How to grow your height Pituitary Gland Meditation? -Tips and Methods

How to grow your height Pituitary Gland Meditation? -Tips and Methods

pituitary gland meditation for height growth

Who says height growth isn’t possible after the age of 18-22? Haven’t you heard the most inspirational saying of the lifetime that nothing is impossible?

Yes, you can still grow your height even after the age of 35 by stimulating your height growth hormones. This can be achieved through Pituitary Gland Meditation, which is an ancient technique that has been scientifically proven to release the hormones in your pituitary gland responsible for the height increase.

What is Pituitary Gland Meditation?

The hormones that are responsible for your height growth are found in the pituitary gland. We call them pituitary gland hormones or height growth hormones. Now Pituitary Gland Meditation is the meditation practice that is meant to stimulate the Pituitary Gland and increasing the height by releasing the height growth hormones in Pituitary Gland. This meditation is highly focused and needs a deep sense of concentration.

As you are aware now that the growth of your height depends on the pituitary gland hormones, so, we will be targeting the pituitary gland with this meditation practice. Practising this meditation for 5 minutes daily will help you increase your height provided that you have to show a lot of patience as this will be a slow yet effective process.

But before you start, you must know the location of the pituitary gland.

Where is Pituitary Gland Located?


The pituitary gland is an important part of endocrine system located just below the hypothalamus at the base of the brain. This is a pea-sized figure responsible for releasing many important hormones that are critical for various body functions and you can find it right between your brows in the center of your skull.

How to practice pituitary Gland Meditation for Height Growth?

This meditation requires you to believe that your pituitary gland is being stimulated as you meditate and it will work effectively now. This will make the law of attraction work for you as positive affirmations always lead you to success.

Tips to practice Pituitary Gland Meditation

  • Focus with a positive and stress-free mind.
  • Don’t force yourself to make the points and circles disappear. Practice with the ease and calm mind, the point will automatically disappear.
  • Measure your height after at least 3-week Don’t measure it frequently.
  • Sit in as comfortable position as you can.
  • Do it with the help of positive affirmations. Keep telling yourself that this will increase your height.
  • Command your pituitary gland like a master and make it work for you.
  • Keep wishing and keep the faith. The law of attraction will work for you too in this case.

Follow the steps below to practice the height growth meditation:

Day 1 to 4: Preparing for Pituitary Gland Meditation

Before starting the meditation, mark your height so that you can measure the effects of meditation some weeks later. Prefer measuring height by pinpointing it on the wall rather than with measure tape because the measuring tape will not give you the right output. Just stand against the wall and mark a point of your height with the help of someone. We will be measuring your height once again after 3 weeks or 21 days.

Pituitary Gland Meditation Method

Draw a black point on the paper and paste it on the wall. For meditating, you have to sit right in front of this point and stare at it without blinking until this point becomes invisible to you. Keep the eyes open as long as you can. Blink if you start having tears.

Wondering how the point will become invisible? This is the effect of meditation. The point is most likely to disappear within 2-3 minutes so try to focus on the point for 2-3 minutes without blinking.

Day 5 to 7

On day 5 of your meditation, take a pencil and draw a circle with a very small radius around the circle you were focusing before. Concentrate on this circle until the circle and point becomes invisible to you. When the circle becomes invisible, you’ll see greenish yellow light on the paper and this can take up to 5-6 minutes to reach this stage.

Day 8 to 15

Now draw another circle around the previous circle ensuring that the size of the outer circle doesn’t exceed the size of a pea seed. Now, your job is to make this circle disappear too, which can be little hard.

Try to focus on this circle until it disappears but don’t try more than 10-12 minutes. If you have already practiced for 10 minutes, you can try it the next day.

Day 16 – 21

Practice on the diagram in front of you until you see the greenish-yellow flame and then close your eyes. If you can still see the pea-sized circle then just imagine that this is your pituitary gland and you are commanding it to help you increase your height. Command this pituitary gland to release height increase hormones in your body.

After 21 days, stand against the height mark you pinned before and see if you have resulted in height growth. The effect can be small but you will definitely experience it.

This YouTube Video Will Guide You Towards Pituitary Gland Meditation Method

How much time does it take to increase height with pituitary gland meditation?

It takes usually 3-5 months to see the considerable height growth. So, you need to be a lot patient while practicing this meditation on regular basis. Don’t skip a day and don’t get discouraged. Continue practicing until you see the effects.

Practice this meditation daily for 2-3 months and you will definitely see a significant increase in your height.

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    • Nadendla Mounish Rayal

      Even though it will work do it with focus on dot only and when U close Ur eyes it will show dot after 5 min. Try to focus on it for 2 min. If it disappears try to imagine that upto 2 min. Keep it a try for 2 months it will definitely work…….

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        Yes bro! There is definitely harm in trying everything without knowing. Do you what this exercise exactly is?? This is the ancient tantra meditation invented by Adiyogi (according to the scriptures) which is one among the shatkarma in Patanjali yog. It deals with the third-eye opening. The third eye which is, in tantra-yoga word called the agya or ajna chakra, the 6th chakra from bottom and second from top. The chakra of different vision, the chakra of eternal knowledge which when the practice goes wrong, can lead to madness or depression. The name of this meditation practicr is Tratak.
        Plz don’t suggest anything in public if you don’t know it well urself, for ur light suggestion may be taken seriously by someone out there. Just think, how powerful can a practice be which can groe height even after 35 years of age! And for all others, you are good to fear the things u don’t know. Do ask questions and only do the things after knowing both sides of it. Go safe Go wise

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    It’s awesome. I increased 1cm height in 3weeks. It’s slow but effective. If you can do some stretching exercises along with this, you are gonna be tall soon. Whoever invented this, hats off.

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