How to lose weight with papaya? – Papaya Eating Tips and Methods

How to lose weight with papaya? – Papaya Eating Tips and Methods


Correct me if I am wrong but you might have seen papaya on every list of top 10 fruits that help in weight reduction. Unarguably the papaya is one of the healthiest fruits in this world but only a few knew that it’s an excellent weight loss fruit too. Its pulp comes packed with papain which is known to offer a deep therapeutic effect to the body.

Long ago, papaya was listed among the exotic fruits but now it’s become a tropic fruit and is available in almost all the regions of the world.

How does papaya help in weight loss?

Papaya is wonderful fruit to lose weight and fight cellulite. It is helpful in melting down the excessive fat in your body by improving the metabolism of the body. Being low in calorie and fat content, it keeps the body cholesterol in check and lets you shed the extra calories in your body.

It is rich in vitamins, calcium, iron, and some enzymes that are helpful in strengthening the digestive system of the body. The stronger digestive system means you burn more calories and lose weight fast.

Papaya is an ultimate cure for the digestion related health issues like constipation, motion sickness etc. It optimizes your digestive system and excretory system to make you lose weight effectively.

How to Eat Papaya to Lose Weight?

papaya for weight loss

Before telling you how to eat papaya for weight loss, there is one recommendation for you. Don’t always choose the papaya that’s overly ripe and always go for the fresh ones.

Here are the ways to eat papaya to lose weight:

Papaya Breakfast

Breakfast is the ideal time to eat papaya. But relying just on papaya for your breakfast is the biggest mistake you’re likely to make. Eat fiber rich food with a milk of glass and papaya salad in the breakfast to give a head-start to your diet. This is the most nutritious way to start your day.

Papaya in Lunch

Make a whole grain and papaya salad for your lunch. You can make papaya salad by adding some veggies, diced tomatoes, spinach leaves, olive oil, olives, a clove of garlic, and lemon juice. You can also drink the papaya juice along.

Papaya in Snacks

You can drink pineapple and papaya smoothie by blending them together for snacks.

Papaya in Dinner

You can cook one cup of vegetable broth for dinner using onion, celery, and lemon juice.

And then you can eat papaya as a dessert.

Lose weight with papaya seeds

Not only is the pulp of the fruit but the papaya seeds also very beneficial in weight loss. Papaya seeds are very healthy as they are known to have incredible health properties.

  • Papaya seeds are very healthy for the kidneys and they prevent them from the failure.
  • They detoxify the body by eliminating the harmful toxins from the body.
  • Papaya seeds provide the protection to liver from cirrhosis.
  • Known for possessing the anti-inflammatory properties, they take care of your digestive system too.

Papaya seeds also prevent the body from absorbing extra fat and make your digestive system stronger. To consume papaya seeds, you can blend them together or simply eat them as pills.