How to get rid of puffy eyes? – 10 Natural Remedies

How to get rid of puffy eyes? – 10 Natural Remedies


No matter how fast you are aging, the last thing you’d what on your eyes will be the eye bags. They bother you more than they bother the person looking at you. Dark circles are not an alarm for any kind of medical emergency but they certainly are the matter to worry about because they make you look older than you really are. They make you look like you are terribly ill and tired.

Though there are many medical creams that are meant to get you rid of puffy eyes but natural remedies have always been best and I always recommend them.

But before listing the remedies for puffy eyes, there are certain things you must know about eye puffiness.

What causes eye puffiness?

Eye puffiness basically occurs when your eyes start to swell. There are many reasons why eyes swell including:

  1. Excessive Crying
  2. Lack of appropriate sleep
  3. Hangovers
  4. Sinus Infections
  5. Stress
  6. Hormonal Changes
  7. Bad Diet
  8. Weather Changes
  9. Dermatitis
  10. Other allergic reactions

These are the major causes of eye puffiness or swollen eyes.

10 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Eye Puffiness

Here are 10 natural remedies that will help you to get rid of eye puffiness and have vibrant looking eyes for the rest of your day.



If you have got puffiness under your eyes then drinking water will help you like nothing else. Therefore, drinking a lot of water is the best thing you can do to get rid of eye puffiness. The main idea is to hydrate the body because more you hydrated you are, there is less chances of your body for water retention under the eyes that cause eye puffiness.

Apply Cold Spoons


This is simple and most soothing remedy to get rid of puffy eyes. It is surprisingly effective in tightening the skin around your eyes and giving them ultimate relief from tired and puffy eyes. To try this remedy you need 5-6 spoons. Keep these spoons in the freezer to chill them up. Now place spoon’s rounded potion on your eyes and hold it against them. Remove the spoon when it warms down and do the same with another one.

Tea Bags


Tea bags are the ultimate remedy to get rid of eye puffiness, dark circles, and eye irritation. It gently soothes your eyes and relieves the inflammation.

How to use tea bags to reduce and get rid of eye puffiness?

  1. Take two used tea bags and put them in freezer.
  2. Take them out once they’re cold.
  3. Now place one tea bag on each of your eyes.
  4. Keep for 10-15 minutes.

You’ll get a great effect of tea bags on your eyes.



Cucumbers are long known for reducing the eye puffiness and getting rid of the dark circles. Chilled cucumbers work amazingly for puffy eyes. They contain some beneficial enzymes and various astringent properties that help you deal with eye-puffiness, dark circles, and irritation in eyes. They also help you to tighten your skin around the eyes.



Potatoes are also very beneficial for providing relief from eye puffiness and inflammation in eyes. Just cut two big and round-sized slices of potato and keep them in refrigerator for some time to chill them up. After chilling the potato slices, keep them on your eyes for 15 minutes. You will get the instant relief from eye puffiness and inflammation.

Chilled Milk


Chilled milk can also offer you relief from eye puffiness and inflammation. It also helps in reducing the dark circles and making your eyes look healthy. Just take chilled milk and two cotton balls. Dip the cotton balls in the chilled milk and gently apply then on your eye bags. Give your eyes a gentle massage with the cotton and chilled milk. This will definitely help you get rid of puffy eyes.

Egg Whites


Egg whites are known to possess many skin-tightening and complexion improving properties. Take an egg and separate the egg whites from its yellow part. Now, apply these egg whites on your eye bags and massage gently. Doing this remedy regularly will never let eye bags appear under your eyes and it’s very good for your skin too.

Cold Water Splashes


You will be amazed on what cold water can do for your eyes. When you’re feeling puffiness under your eyes or facing usual eye inflammation then splash the cold water onto your eyes few times. It will reduce the stress from your eyes and give you an instant relief from the puffiness. You can do this activity whenever needed.

Limit or avoid alcohol intake


Hangovers are one of the leading causes of eye-puffiness. You can simply limit your alcohol intake or completely avoid it in order to reduce the puffiness around your eyes. Limiting alcohol will exhibit many other benefits in your health and lifestyle.

Get an appropriate sleep


Lack of sleep is the top most cause of puffy eyes in the morning. When you don’t enough of sleep, you mostly get up with puffy eyes in the morning. Therefore, if you want to get rid of puffy eyes and don’t want to have the dark circles beneath your eyes, you just need to stop being a night owl and get enough good night’s sleep every night.

If you manage to take care of all these natural remedies, I promise that you’ll never have to face eye-puffiness or dark circle problem.