Depression during Pregnancy May Lead to the Chances of Mental Problems in...

Depression during Pregnancy May Lead to the Chances of Mental Problems in Child

depression during pregnancy

Depression is really serious mental illness that can make life and things really complicated and difficult for a person suffering from it. Now, the scientists have also found that the depression doesn’t only affect the person suffering from it but also the people around the person. I am not only talking about the people like your family, spouse, or friends; I mean the unborn too.

Depression and Fetus Health

Yes, if you are suffering from the depression in your pregnancy, it can have adverse effect on the child’s mental development. If an expectant mother is going through the depression, it may increase the chances of physical and mental illness in child.

Recently, The Lancet Psychiatry published a study which explores the link between depression and health of the unborn child. Published in September 2016, this study revealed that depression in pregnant woman increases the risk of behavioral, emotional, and other mental and physical problems in child.

How does depression affect pregnant woman and fetus?

In a study published by Imperial College, it was predicted that depression during the pregnancy can seriously affect the baby’s development in the womb due to the connection between mother and child.

Based on these speculations, the same team took this study further to find out the connection between stress and the development of embryo.

Here is what they found:

The depression and anxiety causes the reduction in an enzyme which is found in placenta. This enzyme helps in breaking down the cortisol – the stress hormone. Now the fetus is more exposed to this hormone that obstructs the development of the child.

This ways the stress leads to various epigenetic changes while in the development phase. As a result, the DNA remains the same but its expression is altered. This is how the mother’s mental health affects the unborn child.

How to tackle depression during pregnancy?

Talk about your problems and get a solution

If you are facing any kind of emotional stress and distress during the pregnancy, talk to your partner or any trusted person about it.  Sometimes, the solutions of the most difficult problems are found within the communications. Acknowledging your problems is the best way to solve them.


Meditation is the best practice to seek relief from the mental and emotional stress. A pregnant woman must spend 15-20 minutes a day in meditation can help in optimal child development and it also help in relieving stress.

Engage yourself in hobbies

Mostly working women leave their jobs during pregnancy to stay home and take proper rest. But being free all the time bothers them and makes them think about problems leading to stress. That’s why is recommended for pregnant women to engage in hobbies and activities that are good for them and their child.