Trouble Waking Up In Morning? Here’s How to Become a Happy Morning...

Trouble Waking Up In Morning? Here’s How to Become a Happy Morning Person


Morning Blues!

Mornings are horrible, especially in the winters. So, if you’re the one who is always on battle with the desire to stay for a little while in the bed, then trust me that you’re not alone in this battle. You’ve got millions of mates fighting the same battle every single morning.

Why leaving the bed is such a trouble? Perhaps, the warmth of bed has more motivation than other things you need to do in a day. Or perhaps you just don’t want to think about the other things you have to do.

So, you see, it’s about motivation.

How can you find more motivation out of the bed? See the below steps:

Get the things ready for the morning


You know what discourages you the most from getting up early in the morning? It’s the hard work that you have to do every morning. Starting from making breakfast and packing lunch, you have whole lot of things to do in the morning such as ironing clothes, finding socks, searching for the wallet etc.

Here’s a trick. Get everything done in the night so that you don’t have to work damn hard in to morning. Get everything right in place before going to bed and you’ll definitely wake up smiling in the morning.

Give yourself a caffeine boost


If you need coffee or tea to boost you up and get your eyes opened then get it ready too. Prepare yourself a tea from the tea bag and sip up to get the energy for leaving the bed right away. You should choose the healthy tea and coffee options.

Also make sure that you don’t consume sugar with the coffee or tea. Instead go for the honey. That’s the wisest choice.

Wake up with music


It has been scientifically proven that music is the greatest source of motivation and it boosts your mood and gives you energy to wake up. A boosting and happy music pumps you up and gets you going for the rest of the day. If you don’t feel like waking up, just play your jam and you’ll see you legs and hands shaking automatically.

Simply go for your favorite playlist and you’ll find your motivation to get off the bed.



You know what, exercise makes every routine easy to follow and it has been scientifically proven now. Working out in the morning makes you strong in so many ways. It offers you physical, psychological, and emotional stability by keeping your body processes in order and provides you the motivation to do things systematically including waking up early in the morning.

After the few days of regular exercise, you’ll find that waking up early in the morning isn’t that difficult. It’s just that your body wasn’t used to it before.

Drink more water before you sleep


Drinking more water is always healthy no matter what. It doesn’t only help you keep hydrated but will also help in getting up early in morning.


As you’ll drink more water in the morning, the moment you open your eyes, you’ll feel an irresistible urge to pee, which will definitely get you out of your bed.