Top 5 Health Benefits of Goat Milk

Top 5 Health Benefits of Goat Milk

health benefits of goat milk

Though you might have heard that cow milk is the healthiest milk on this planet, I am not a big appreciator of cow milk. On the contrary, I am a big advocate of goat milk though.

You might be wondering why I am a big fan of goat milk. Don’t worry because I will give you 5 reasons for it. But before that, I would love to talk about goat milk’s nutritional value.

Let’s see what one glass of goat milk has got:

Sr No Nutrition Parameter Quantity
1 Calories 168
2 Saturated Fats 6.5 grams / 33 percent DV
3 Carbohydrates 11 grams / 4 percent DV
4 Protein 10.9 grams / 4 percent DV
5 Cholesterol 27 milligrams / 9 percent DV
6 Sugar 11 grams
7 Sodium 12 milligrams / 5 percent DV
8 Calcium 327 milligrams / 33 percent DV
9 Magnesium 34.2 milligrams / 9 percent DV
10 Phosphorus 271 milligrams / 27 percent DV
11 Copper 0.1 milligrams / 6 percent DV
12 Zinc 0.7 milligrams / 5 percent DV
13 Vitamin A 483 IU / 10 percent DV
14 Vitamin B2 0.3 milligrams / 20 percent DV
15 Vitamin C 3.2 milligrams / 5 percent DV
16 Vitamin D 29.3 IU / 7 percent DV

The nutrition value depicted above clearly indicates that one glass of goat milk every day is something that is enough to take care of your everyday’s nutritional needs.

Now, let’s come to the reasons why you should start drinking goat’s milk. I am going to list 5 benefits of goat’s milk that are going to put you in sheer amaze.

Health benefits of goat’s milk

health benefits of goat milk

Easy to Digest

Goat milk is a lot easier to digest than cow milk and buffalo milk. While coming to the fat content, you’ll see that the fat content in both goat milk and cow milk is somehow equivalent but the fat globules of goat milk are much smaller than the cow’s milk. This makes it quite easy for our body to digest goat’s milk rather than the cow milk. Furthermore, goat milk contains lower levels of lactose or sugar as compared to cow milk. Therefore, goat milk is the great option for the people who have trouble digesting the goat’s milk.

High in calcium and low in cholesterol levels

When it comes to calcium and omega-3 fatty acids, goat milk doesn’t seem to lag anyways as compared to cow milk. It is quite rich in minerals as 33% of the goat milk contains minerals. On the other hand, only 22% of the cow milk is minerals. This simple implies that the mineral value of goat milk is much higher than cow milk and it is a wonderful replacement for any other milk.

Goat Milk Reduces Inflammation

Goat milk possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing inflammation. It gives a soothing effect and bowel any kind of inflammation occurring in the stomach. That’s another reason why you should start drinking goat milk instead of cow milk.

It adds to your heart health

Goat milk contains as twice heart healthy nutrients as the cow milk. It contains healthy fatty acids and low level of cholesterol which makes it supremely healthy for your heart. It balances our body’s essential fatty acids in the body that prevents heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular complications in the body. Goat milk is also rich in potassium levels that mean it can effectively reduce the blood pressure.

Goat boots the immunity

Goat milk is an excellent immunity booster as it contains great amount selenium. Selenium is that rare mineral which is essential to keep your immune system strong. This mineral helps us to fend off the infections and keep a distance from various diseases by strengthening our capability to fight bacteria and viruses.