What are some possible dangers of drinking Cow Milk?

What are some possible dangers of drinking Cow Milk?


Many people consider cow milk as the healthiest milk on this planet. But who knows that there are some possible dangers that come along with drinking cow milk. You might think this is a myth, but this is very true and I will explain you how.

The milking process is not as natural as should be. There are some extreme processes that make the milk go through high amounts of hormones, antibiotics, and other genetically modified substances that cows normally have to deal with. This, I think, is the matter of big concern for all people who are drinking milk from cows as the cow milk contains many waste substances that cow’s body can’t use. Milk is the way for them to leave the cow’s body.

Some non-wanted substances added to cow milk

There are certain things that are added to cow milk due to the daily routine cows go through. Just have a look.

  1. Cow milk contains various hormones like pituitary, steroid, hypothalamic, and thyroid hormones. Most of these hormones are released by the stress cows and most of the cows tend to stay stressed.
  2. Gastrointestinal peptides which affects your growth factors.
  3. Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone, which is genetically made hormone and leads to colon cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer.
  4. One glass of cow milk contains 322 million cells of pus.
  5. Antibiotics as cows have to go through regular vaccination for the treatment and prevention of diseases.

This means most of the people are drinking toxins on the name of the cow milk.

Drawbacks of Drinking Cow Milk

Cow Milk Makes Your Bones Weaker

Ain’t milk supposed to give us calcium and make our bones stronger? It seems like cow milk is just not for that. According to a study conducted in Sweden, people who regularly drink cow milk are more likely to have fractures than those who don’t.

Cow Milk Causes Cancer

There are some strong evidences from the scientific studies that cow milk and other dairy products increases the risk of prostate cancer in humans. On the contrary, goat milk has been proven to reduce the chances of cancer.

Cow Milk is Hard to Digest

Cow Milk contains lactose as sugar which is very hard to digest for most of the people. This leads to symptoms like nausea, heaviness, cramps, diarrhea, bloats, and cramps. These symptoms may vary and get severe and worst with the age.

Cow Milk Increases Bad Cholesterol Levels

The milk you drink from cows also increases the levels of cholesterol resulting in many heart problems such as heart attack, high blood pressure etc.

Cow Milk Causes Ovarian Cancer

According to a Swedish study, women who drank 4 or more than 4 glasses of cow milk or other dairy products everyday were more prone to developing serious ovarian cancer than those who consumed two or less glasses of milk in a day. This means that cow milk is actively involved in causing cancer while some people consider it healthiest milk in this world.

These were five main drawbacks of cow milk, however, there are many more. You must decrease the cow milk consumption in order to stay healthy.