Peanuts, also known as groundnuts, are one of the most favorite nuts in India, especially in the winter season. In India, you’ll often find families watching television in winters with a packet of peanuts in front of them.

Peanuts are easily available in the world throughout the year and there are some health benefits that are associated with them. These benefits come from the nutritional value of peanuts that is depicted below:

Sr No Serving Size: 1 Cup, Chopped Peanuts (133g) Amount Per Serving
1 Total Calories 773
2 Calories from fat 590
3 Total fat 65.57g
4 Saturated Fat 9.1g
5 Cholesterol 0 mg
6 Sodium 7.98 mg
7 Potassium 907.06mg
8 Total Carbohydrates 25.16mg
9 Dietary Fiber 9.18g
10 Sugars 5.53g
11 Protein 35.05g
12 Calcium 117.04mg
13 Iron 2.43mg

Health Benefits of Peanuts

Top 10 health benefits of eating peanuts are:

They are full of energy

Peanuts make you more energetic as it contains many rich sources of energy such as Vitamins, Minerals, Carbohydrates, Antioxidants, and Protein etc.

They optimize body’s cholesterol levels

Peanuts help in lowering down the bad cholesterol levels and maintains the level of good cholesterol i.e. HDL in the body. They contain mono-unsaturated fatty acids that help in preventing various coronary diseases.

They assist in proper growth and development of body

Peanuts are rich in protein and amino acids which are essential for proper growth and development of the body. It gives your body essential minerals that help your body grow.

They prevent and fight stomach cancer

Peanuts are loaded with high concentration of Poly-phenolic anti-oxidants. They have the capability to fight and prevent cancer by controlling the production of carcinogenic nitrous-amines.

They fight many diseases

Eating peanuts give a good fight to diseases like heart diseases, nerve diseases, Alzheimer disease, and other infections as it can efficiently deal with viral and bacterial infections.

They reduce the chances of stroke

Peanuts are rich in an antioxidant called Resveratrol. This antioxidant helps in preventing the heartstroke by stimulating the production of nitric oxide.

They reduce the production of free radicals

Due to the presence of antioxidants in peanuts, they are useful in decreasing the production of free radicals in the body preventing the damage caused by them.

They offer the skin protection

Peanuts are rich in Vitamin E which is very useful in offering the skin protection by maintaining the integrity of skin cells and protecting the skin from harmful UV rays.

They prevent the gall stones

Eating two tablespoons of peanuts every week can help in preventing the production of Gall Stones in the body. It also helps in preventing other gall bladder diseases.

Peanuts increases the fertility

Peanuts come loaded with folic acid that makes it easy for a couple to conceive baby. It also helps in keeping baby healthy to ensure the baby being born without neural defects.


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