Top 10 Healthiest Foods That You Must Add To Your Diet

Top 10 Healthiest Foods That You Must Add To Your Diet

Healthy foods

Every single year, every new health and fitness magazine shows up with a new list of “Top 10 Foods” that can enhance your beauty, make your hair shinier, bring glow to your face and strengthen the immune system. But all these magazines are kind of exaggerating the list of their benefits. C’mon let’s face it, you can’t get the make over you want by eating an apple daily. But we can’t deny another fact too. You really get awesome benefits by eating the healthy food.

So, here’s a list of top 10 healthy foods you should eat and you must add to your diet.

1. Blueberries


This is wonder berry which is full of anti-oxidants. This can keep you away from a lot of diseases better than 40 other fruits tested. By eating blueberries, you get prevention from heart diseases, cancer and blindness/memory loss related to the age. Keep one thing in mind – If you are eating blueberry pancakes then add blueberry in the last minute. Over-cooking blueberry can result into vanishing its goodness.



Garlic possess plenty of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties and is not the top of the list of the healthy foods. It strengthen your immune system and keeps you away from the maladies. It contains the sulphur compounds which makes it better for the immune system. You should add one clove of garlic in your daily meal and it will give you protection from the risk of cancer, and many heart diseases.



Kale is a vegetable rich in world’s top vitamin A and it is the topmost food you must eat. Filled with the goodness of anti-bacterial properties, it is top food for fighting cancer. Apart from that, it’s a good source of healthy fibres that are good for your heart. One cup of Kale contains as much water as an orange does. So, this vegetable is a complete package.

4.Olive Oil

Olive oil

Olive oil has the best fats in this world and you won’t regret having these fats in your body. Its mono-saturated fats help in lowering down the bad cholesterol and raising up the good cholesterol. Olive oil is also packed with a lot on anti-oxidants.

5. Broccoli


Broccoli is the number 1 cancer-fighter in the world. It is rich in sulphur compounds. These compounds are helpful in giving the signals to our genes so that they can produce cancer-fighting enzymes. Thus, broccoli gives you protection from breast cancer and lung cancer etc.

6. Yogurt


The best thing in the yogurt is its good bacteria that prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in your stomach. It also strengthen your bones. Eating plenty of yogurt can keep you away from many bacterial infections.

7. Oats


Oats are rich in anti-oxidants and cholesterol lowering fibers. One cup of oats daily can decrease your cholesterol level to 5% and decrease the risk of heart-attack to 10%. You can make your oatmeal interesting by adding strawberries, raspberries and blueberries to it.

8. Cinnamon


Cinnamon is one of the most powerful spices that is known for it’s healing powers. It is master in keeping blood sugar under control especially in the diabetes patients. Cinnamon also prevents the formation of blood clots in your body. It is laced with various anti-bacterial and anti-fungus properties.

9. Green Tea

green tea

Tea is one of the most potent sources of anti-oxidants that our mother nature has. Tea’s anti-oxidants properties protects us from the heart diseases, brain-stroke and cancer. If you drink one or two cup of tea a day, you will have 46% less risk of having narrow arteries and the blood flow will be quite smooth in your body.

10. Beans


Beans are really good for your heart because it soaks up a lot of bad cholesterol from your body. It is full of anti-oxidant properties thus it helps in preventing various heart diseases and the cancer risks. Recent studies have listed beans among top anti-oxidants.