10 Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Fast

10 Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Fast


Belly fat is something disturbing and a major cause of various cardiovascular diseases. Are you facing the same situation and trying to lose belly fat? As we know no one like bulgy belly. Everyone love to have toned stomach or a perfectly shaped body. Exercise is very necessary to burn stubborn belly fat. Ditch those chocolate cookies and shake your booty on the treadmill. Exercise is effective with healthy eating. It’s not easy to burn belly fat but proper exercising and active lifestyle are a must. While searching for ways to lose belly fat you can find various shortcuts to lose belly fat but all these methods go in vain.

Many people don’t understand it’s insufficient to build up an effective diet to get rid of stomach fat. Workout plays a level bigger role here. By putting the body to operate, you’re burning calories at a tremendous rate, way over you’d have achieved by no longer working out.

However, which is one thing happening in the club every single day, it’s pointless to do countless crunches every single day. Abdominal training exercises target specific regions of the body, leading to toned muscles although not in lack of stomach fat. Your six-pack will remain hidden under those layers of fat before you implement total body workouts inside your routine. Exactly what do I am talking about with that? Because it should be well known right now, that spot reducing belly fat fails, you have to participate in some exercise that burns fat inside your entire body.

Here I am Listing few Exercises to Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat


Crunches are the best belly fat burner and fitness experts recommend to do crunches for midsection fat. You can include crunches into your daily workout routine for effective results. Crunches are easy to do and you don’t need any types of equipment or gym machines to do them. All you need are yoga mat, sports shoes and track pants. There are various types of crunches which you can use in variation for better results.

Regular Crunches: Regular crunches work well on core muscles. It can help to achieve flexibility and strengthen muscles. You can do basic crunches by lying flat on the back with knees. Keep your hands behind your head. Now inhale and lift your shoulder to from the ground to meet your pelvis. Now get back to your initial position. Do 3 sets and repeat 10 times per set.

Twist Crunches: After successfully practicing regular crunches, now it’s time to shift to twist crunches. These crunches are similar to basic crunches but all you need to do is lift the left shoulder towards your right shoulder while your right shoulder rests on the ground. Repeat the same on another side. Do 10-15 reps in each set.

Side Crunches: Side crunches are little bit differ from twist crunches. To do side crunches, you need to bend your knees and rotate your hips to the right side. Now lift your shoulders from the ground and hold this position for 3 to 6 seconds. Now repeat the same on another side.

Reverse Crunches: Reverse crunches are very helpful to reduce belly fat. To do reverse crunches you need to lay flat on your back. Now put your legs up to 90 degrees. Now place your hand on your hips and lift your hips. Press your knees towards your chest and focus on your core muscles. Get back to initial position and do as many as you can for a flat belly.


Planks help to train the muscles of stomach, thighs, lower back and arms. Practicing planks daily helps to improve your posture, strengthen your back, get flat stomach and more. To perform planks you don’t need any sort of machines. Get a mat and laying flat on your stomach and now hold your elbows under your shoulders and place your wrist in line with your elbows. Now lift your knees and body upward and support your body and legs on your toes.  Keep your neck aligned and breathe normally. If you are a beginner then hold this position for 30 seconds and gradually increase your plank to 90 seconds. Planks are very effective for abdominal muscles and give guaranteed results.


Lunges are a beginners workout to eliminate belly fat. You can do this exercise at home without any supervision.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and keep your knees slightly bent. Now lift your arms in front of you and hold a 2kg dumbbell or water bottle your hand. Now Lunge forward with your left hand and sit down in the chair position. Make sure your right leg is positioned backward, supported by your toes. Keep your spine straight and repeat the same on another side.

Stomach Vacuum

Stomach Vacuum is a breathing exercise which helps to get lean belly without increasing heart rate. This is one of the easiest technique to get a flat belly. Do this exercise empty stomach, as this work on your deep abdominal muscles.

To perform stomach vacuum go down on the floor on your hands and knees supporting your body. Now inhale deeply and loosen your stomach. Now exhale and keep your stomach tight for a while. Repeat the process for 3-5 mins to get a flat belly.

Captain’s Chair

Captain’s Chair help to get flat abs and this is one of the most effective exercises for abs. To perform this exercise you need an exercise chair. Now sit on the chair with your shoulder relaxed and spine straight. Now put your hands beside you and hold the sides of the chair. Inhale deeply. Now exhale and lift your legs upward and bring your knees closer to your chest. HOld this position for 5 seconds. Now bring down your legs in the initial positions. While performing Captain’s chair make sure you lift your knees above your hips.


This is even a fantastic exercise to lose weight. This exercise helps in reducing fat and building up muscles. The weight may not be lost drastically because the muscles are building but for sure you can reduce the gathered fat from your body. Squats work on lower body and core muscles. To perform this exercise stand straight with your feet hip-width apart. Keep your arms straight in front of you. Now slowly bend your knees and stick your butt out and keep your spine straight. Lean down your torso and squeeze your glutes. Stay in this position for few seconds. Get back to initial position. Repeat three sets of this exercise for 15-20 times.


If you are wondering if running can slash the belly fat, the answer is yes. Running is effective in burning fat because it’s a core body workout per excellence. When you are running, you are using most of the muscles on your body; especially the abs. In fact, running is actually an ab work out in disguise.

Running and belly fat

Running does reduce belly fat, but not in a focused manner. Running helps to lose fat full body fat, majorly it target thighs, hips and side fat. Therefore, don’t narrow your intention on just getting a flat stomach; no training regime can do that. Instead, you should expand your vision and look at the big picture. And over time, you will get a flat belly with a bunch of other benefits.


Cycling fall under cardiovascular exercise category. With cycling, you can burn calories and get a well-shaped body. Cycling increase your heart rate and burn calories.


Skipping is a great indoor exercise to burn calories and get a flat belly. Cardio is very important to lose belly fat and to burn calories. To perform this exercise you need a pair of sports shoes and Skipping rope. Doing 500 skips burn 100 calories. Skipping does not cause any knee injury.


Swimming is a full body workout which helps to tone your body. Losing fat and toning are two different things. Swimming makes your muscles stronger and gives you a flat stomach. This exercise converts our body fat into energy.

These are top 10 exercises to reduce belly fat fast. From now, no more excuses. Put on your sports shoes and exercise daily to get your desired body.