What are Hiccups, Causes of Hiccups, Cure with Natural Remedies

What are Hiccups, Causes of Hiccups, Cure with Natural Remedies

natural cures of hiccups

There are a number of stories about hiccups from a long time, ago. Maximum numbers of people have very strong faith in the methods of hiccups cure advised by their forefathers. Without knowing any medical reasons and causes for hiccups, but people from a very long time have been beating the bush for hiccups cure methods, and no strange that in maximum cases person gets relief from these. According to medical science also there may be many reasons responsible for hiccups, which cannot be described in medical terms, but somewhere, these are related to medical science. There are many such cases which are related to psychological and emotional reasons and for some of the medical science have a positive attitude, but in some cases medical science is neutral.

What are Causes of Hiccups?

What are Causes of Hiccups?According to some presumptions, on emotional grounds sudden joy or sorrows, or telling a lie to someone, you have to face this problem, and a very lengthy procedure is prescribed to you, to come out from these situations, which are not acceptable in this modern era, because medical science has proved it with evidence, through a vast and described study on it.

In maximum cases, this issue prolong for a short while, but still there are physical reasons behind them, like overeating, stomach disorders and short time disturbance in diaphragm nerve, mental stress or many other reasons or causes, which either we ignore or even we don’t believe on them, due to over pre-determination from a very long time ago. In this way, the subject should be understood in a clear manner.

The happening of hiccups for a short time is not a big problem and can be solved by applying some simple hiccups cure methods, home remedies, based on some natural sources like, some herbs which are easily available everywhere, taking a balanced and nutritious diet, using sufficient quantity of water and fresh juice, all these are helpful to cure hiccups and also to keep us away from hiccups in future. The Hiccups occurred through some illness or after some major surgery of heart, kidney or liver, should not be neglected or taken in a light way.

What does the diaphragm have to do with a hiccup?

What does the diaphragm have to do with a hiccup?The diaphragm works smooth and perfectly as always. When we inhale air, then the diaphragm pulls down and it helps you to pull air into your lungs. When you exhale or breathe out, then the diaphragm relaxes and air flows out of the lungs back and out through our nostrils and mouth. One must be wondering, in all of these what is the relation between the diaphragm and what causes hiccups. Well, we are getting there slowly. Sometimes, the diaphragm gets bothered and it pulls down in a rough way and you suck some air into you all of a sudden and when the sudden rush of air hits one’s voice box one ends with having a hiccup and a question on their mind that what causes hiccups which have been partly answered to already.

How does the diaphragm get irritated and lead to a hiccup?

Well, there are times when we have our most favorite food in front of us or when we are very hungry we tend to eat our food very quickly. Now you must have understood that when you are very satisfied with having your meal, why does that irritating hiccup occur and spoils your mood. Hence, that ends up irritating the diaphragm as a result. Also, when there is an irritation in the stomach or the throat we often tend to get hiccups.

Most of the hiccups do not last long maybe for a few minutes or so. But when it continues to exist and happen for weeks or months then it must be some different medical problem.

How to Get Rid of Hiccups?How to Get Rid of Hiccups?

People are looking for ways to cure hiccups and various experts suggests some tested ways to get rid of hiccups. Lets take a look at methods to stop a hiccups without medical help.

  1. Some people suggest drinking loads of water helps to get rid of hiccups naturally. For some people it works and for some it again starts after few minutes.
  2. Some people suggests to hold your breathe for few seconds or for a count of 10 will helps to stop hiccup. For many people it works and they don’t get hiccups any more. 
  3. Drinking water from the wrong side of the glass helps to prevent or stop hiccups naturally. 
  4. Some people says, you can put sugar under your tongue to cure hiccups
  5. You can put salt on your tongue and drink water with it, then you might not get any more hiccups.
  6. Eating sweet food or a piece of Cookie also helps to get rid of hiccups.

Natural Remedies to Cure Hiccups?

  1. Eating 3-4 radish leaves helps in curing hiccups.
  2. Take equal quantities of ginger and lemon juice and add black pepper in it. Lick the mixture. This helps in curing hiccups.
  3. Drinking 1 glass of lukewarm water helps in curing hiccups.
  4. Take 9-10 Basil Leaves (Tulsi), 10 grams black pepper, and 2 grams Cardamom (Choti Elaichi). Now make fine paste of these ingredients in a grinder. Add one tablespoon of honey to the mixture and Lick the mixture. This will give immediate relief from hiccups.  
  5. Eating a Lemon Slice also helps to treat Hiccups problem.

    I have tried all the above listed herbal remedies and methods to stop hiccups. Please don’t try if you are allergic to any of the above listed ingredient.