Five Most Effective Ways to Fight Insomnia

Five Most Effective Ways to Fight Insomnia


People often confuse insomnia with late sleeping. Insomnia is one’s inability to sleep while late sleeping comes out of habit. Insomnia is one of the leading reasons behind sleep deprivation among today’s generation.

Around 40% of the world population is suffering from the sleep deprivation as they get less sleep than they are supposed to get. This comes from the stress of daily life, busy schedules, and fast-growing culture. People these days don’t even have time for themselves.

If not you, then who is supposed to take care of you? Well, I feel every one of you need to steal a little time from your daily routine and add a little bit extra to your health.

Let’s start with an exercise to have a good amount of sleep every night because half of your problems start with the lack of sleep.

In this article, I have come up with some most effective techniques that will help you fight insomnia and get a good sleep every night.

1.     Identify your reason for insomnia

The reason behind insomnia varies from person to person. Some people suffer insomnia because of stress, some because of their habits, and some because of their lifestyle habits. Every person has different reasons for sleep deprivation.

To get rid of insomnia, you must first identify what causing insomnia for you. When the cause is acknowledged, you can take necessary actions to eradicate the reason and chuck out the insomnia off your life.

2.     Practice meditation or yoga

Meditation and yoga are two great practices that help you relax every part of your body and get a good sleep. Whenever you feel stressed and anxious at night, your body releases certain kinds of hormones that make it difficult for you to sleep. Practicing breathing techniques or meditation and yoga release the relaxation hormones that help you get rid of the stress and anxiety you’re feeling at that time.

The reduced stress means the increase in your capability to sleep. That way, practicing relaxation techniques help you get better sleep.

3.     Find a good pillow for you

Sometimes an uncomfortable pillow takes away your sleep by making you uncomfortable and causing pain in your neck. Some studies also suggest that wrong pillows are one of the causes of insomnia in people. Therefore, finding a good pillow becomes mandatory for you as it gives your neck enough comfort and eliminates some causes that may lead to the insomnia. According to a research, a person’s pillow should neither be too high not to be too low. It should be of optimal height to keep you comfortable throughout the sleep. Furthermore, it shouldn’t be too hard or too soft. Just keep it in between.

4.     Make one routine for sleeping

Most of the people in this world suffer from insomnia because they don’t have well-established sleeping routine. Sometimes they go early to bed and sometimes they have to stay wake late night because of work. These fluctuations in sleeping time may cause inability to sleep at particular time. Therefore, scientists suggest that one must build a specific sleeping routine and function accordingly.

This might effectively cure your insomnia. You might have a trouble at first, but later it gets helps you get a good sleep and prevent you from sleeplessness.

5.     Exercise daily

Exercise is a great tool that helps you keep yourself at your best both mentally and physically. Exercise relaxed your body muscles and eliminates the stress hormones from your body. It keeps you mentally and physically fit. Furthermore, being active throughout the day make you a little tired and help you sleep better. Therefore, exercising daily is a great way to deal with insomnia and its impact is seen from the day 1.

These are five best ways to get rid of insomnia. If you master all these five steps, you condition might definitely be improved.