Eight High Fat Foods That Are Good For Your Health

Eight High Fat Foods That Are Good For Your Health


Have you ever been told that fat is not good for your health? Well, forget that because that this half of the story and half knowledge is a dangerous thing. Not all the fat is bad; there is good fat too which is extremely good for your health.

In this article, I will talk about 8 high fat foods that are good for your health. Let’s start.

Fatty Fish


The fish like Salmon, Trout, Tuna, Mackeral etc are great source of healthy fat. All these fishes are rich in omega-3 fats and other healthy acids such as DHA and EPA. Many clinical studies have proved that these fatty acids help in reducing the inflammation in the body. By reducing the body-inflammation, the risk of some serious diseases like diabetes and cancer decrease effectively.

Moreover, fatty fish are rich sources of protein which helps you build lean muscle mass.

Greek Yogurt


More than the half of the world is crazy about Greek Yogurt; not because it is tasty, but because it is extremely healthy. This yogurt is thick, tangy, and creamy, which makes it a high fat food. Greek Yogurt contains a healthy fatty acid known as CLA and this fatty acid actually helps overweight people in reducing their weight and achieving their weight loss goals really fast.

Greek Yogurt also helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. It is also rich in the bacteria that help in keeping your bones strong. This tasty yogurt is a complete nutritious treat.



Once avocados were sued for being too high in the calorie count and now they can be found in any kind of healthy food list. Though avocados are high in fats and calories but these fats are monounsaturated fats and these fats bring a lot of benefits to your health. In a study, when avocados were fed to obese people, it resulted in lowering down their bad cholesterol levels in the body. Not only that, the risk factors of many heart diseases also dropped significantly.



All the tree nuts including almonds, walnuts, and cashews are an amazing source of unsaturated, healthy fats and they are rich in plant-based protein too. Nuts come packed with antioxidants like Vitamin E and dietary fibre that are responsible for maintaining the healthy digestive system.

Nuts are also very good for your heart health.  A study has suggested that nuts help to reduce the chances of developing heart diseases by 30%, strokes by 50%, and diabetes by 50%.

Coconut Oil


Coconut has high concentrations of saturated fats that you can eat. 90% of coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA’s) and one other fatty acid called lauric acid. Multiple studies have found that this acid helps in reducing the inflammation in the body. Therefore, the coconut oil significantly reduces the risk of serious medical conditions like heart diseases and cancer. Coconut oil also possesses important antimicrobial properties that reduce the chances of infection as well. So, next time you want to fry something, you must not look beyond coconut oil.

Olive Oil


Olive Oil is the best oil you can use for cooking. Olive oil takes care of the cholesterol levels in your body pretty well. More olive oil means lower rates of obesity. Regular consumption of olive oil also decreases the risk factors related to Type-2 Diabetes, heart diseases and brain strokes. According to a study published in famous journal Molecule, researchers found that there are many compounds in olive oil that have anti-aging properties as well.

You can use olive oil to cook all the meals that require oil, for frying, and for a healthy salad dressing.



Eggs were first completely abandoned by the dieters because they were very high in cholesterol. Even many health organizations and dieticians warned people against eating more than 2 eggs a week because they were very rich in fats. But as the real fact came out, eggs became the new trend and people are eating them with a smile. Eggs are actually rich in Omega-3 fats with make them one of the healthiest foods in the world. Eggs also help in lowering down the bad cholesterol in your body.

Eggs are even more beneficial if they organic pastured eggs taken from vegetarian-fed hens. People following a vegetarian diet can rely on the eggs for the protein as eggs have high protein content.

Dark Chocolate


Well, who doesn’t love chocolates? People who are fond of chocolates have this great news, especially the dark chocolate lovers. Dark Chocolates are very healthy for you, especially for your heart.

In a study conducted by Louisiana State University, researchers found that people who added dark chocolate to their diet almost daily have resulted in lower Body Mass Index than those who didn’t. Dark Chocolates are rich in healthy fats and they posses certain anti-aging properties as well. You can add them to smoothies and oatmeal for its increased benefits.

All the fats are not created equal; they all have their own uniqueness. There are many healthy fats that don’t make you fat or obese. In fact, they improve your overall health and help you lose weight. These fats are very important part of your diet as they meet your certain nutritional needs pretty well.

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