GM Diet Side Effects & Objectives – How To Follow GM Diet...

GM Diet Side Effects & Objectives – How To Follow GM Diet properly?

Gm diet for weight loss

General Motors Diet, popularly known as GM Diet, is one of the best weight management programs these days. It was basically designed by the General Motors Corporation to take care of the health and fitness of its employees by taking the allowances from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Drug Administration. GM diet is all about eating very specific food per day over the time span of 7 days.

The primary goal of this diet is weight loss complimented by some additional health benefits leading to overall well-being. GM diet has also been proved to be beneficial for improving one’s mental state and attitude of person towards life. In this 7-days diet plan, the food is eaten to burn more calories than their own caloric value that they provide to your body. It is also helpful in detoxifying your body from inside and make it function better.

Apart from all these good things that come along the GM diet, there are some side effects to it too.  Following are the side effects of GM diet along with the objective and rules of GM diet.

The Major Objectives of GM Diet

One of the main objectives of GM diet losing weight. This diet is mainly meant for the people belonging to the middle age group to keep themselves fit and have a great overall well-being. Yet, there are some health risks that come along GM diet that may interrupt it to work properly.

Here are the major objectives of GM diet followers that they usually have in mind when they start GM diet:

  1. Tone body by losing extra kilos and pounds
  2. To detoxify the body for improving attitude and emotions
  3. For maintaining a healthy calorie deficit
  4. To prevent major health problems related to being overweight such as arthritis, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular diseases.

Nutritionists often decide that you must cope up your diet with exercises to achieve better results for weight loss.

Most Common GM Diet Chart

Day- 1

A lot of fruits such as melons, cantaloupes, oranges, apples, berries etc. Bananas are not allowed. You can eat other fruits all day. This fruit consumption will help you get your body ready for the rest of the days.

Day – 2

On Day 2, you can eat vegetables – both cooked and raw. You can get some baked potatoes with a little butter for breakfast and eat some greens in the lunch and dinner.

Day – 3

On day 3, you are required to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables but not bananas and potatoes.

Day – 4

Day 4 required consumption of up to 3 glasses of milk and 8 bananas. Drinking GM soup in the morning is also good since it will help you control your cravings for the rest of the day.

Day – 5

6 whole tomatoes, small parts of lean beef and one more quart of water to detox your body from within.


As much amounts of lean meats as you can eat. You can consume chicken and fish with cottage cheese and vegetables.


Brown rice, fruit juice and all the vegetables on this day. Vegetarians can substitute the beef for brown rice. They can have 1-2 cups of rice each day.

The Rules For GM Diet

There are some rules that you strictly need to follow when you’re on GM diet. Here they are:

  1. Stay hydrated because it is very important in GM diet. If you are following this diet, you must drink at least 10-15 glasses of water each day.
  2. Avoid alcoholic drinks completely. Since, GM diet works by detoxifying your body, alcohol can nullify the effects of diet and trigger the excess fluids in water.
  3. Only drink water, black coffee, or fruit juices. Make sure that you do not consume any kind of artificial sugar.

GM Diet Side Effects

GM diet is unarguably great for weight loss and yield favourable results on most of the cases. Still, there are risks and side effects that may be a too bog cost to reap its benefits.

Here are some of the side effects of GM diet:

  1. Restricted Food Intake

This diet comes with various restrictions on food. You can follow such diets for short span of time but they are not effective in the long run.

  1. Doesn’t Work For Everyone

GM diet is not suitable for all people. Especially children and pregnant women must never follow this diet.

  1. Causes several health risks

People following this diet plan have complained many health issues such as sudden hair loss, headache, dry skin etc in the first few days of following this diet. Therefore, it is very important to keep yourself hydrated if you’re following this diet. You must drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration, anaemia, and fatigue.

  1. Rigid diet

Rigidity is one of the major reasons why this diet is often criticized. It is mainly because of the major restrictions on the food, which could make it hard to follow.

  1. May cause metabolic slowdown

Another drawback of this diet is that it slows down your metabolic rate because it restricts your food choices very much that may make you run out of some essential nutrients.

  1. Weight loss only superficial

Most of the weight lost in this diet is the fluid weight which comes back quickly. Therefore, this diet only results in superficial weight loss.

  1. Severely restricts your nutrition

By limited food restrictions, the followers of this diet are not able to get some essential nutrients for their body to function properly.

  1. Requires tolerance

You must have a lot of tolerance to follow this diet because of its rigidity. You cannot afford to be careless while you’re following this diet.

  1. No exercise included

This diet hardly suggests you doing any kind of exercises with is quite negative about this diet. For a diet to be effective, you must include exercises too.

  1. Monotonous

Consumption of only fruits and vegetables in the beginning of the diet plan and keeping a continuous check on water intake might make the dieter feel monotonous until he loses all his motivation.

You can manage the GM diet side effects by doing the following things:

Maintain a Discipline

Keeping a discipline is very important for GM diet and you cannot have any cheat days because it is only going to decrease the effectiveness of this diet. You must follow this diet strictly in a sequential manner.

Proper exercise

Though this exercise does not recommend any sort of exercises, but still you should add physical workout along with your diet so that you can make this diet more effective.

If you are following GM diet, all these points are very important and you cannot afford to miss