Acupressure Techniques For Weight Loss – Lose Weight With Acupressure

Acupressure Techniques For Weight Loss – Lose Weight With Acupressure


This may come as a surprise for you but pressing some points on your body can help you lose weight effectively. We bet you didn’t know it before, but yes, there are some acupressure techniques that are known to boost your weight loss process. Following certain acupressure techniques along with the exercise regimen and diet you follow can act as a catalyst to accelerate the process of weight loss.

What is acupressure?

Acupressure is a technique that involves putting a slight but noticeable physical pressure on some points in the body in order to relieve your body from certain malfunctions and heal it. Pressing such points stimulates the natural ability of the body to heal itself. This therapy is very effective in relieving the muscle tension and helpful in boosting immunity system, relieving stress, reducing pain and offering vibrant overall health.

Can acupressure help in weight loss?

Yes, it definitely can. Various scientific studies have given strong evidence that there are few points on the human body which can be stimulated using the acupressure technique for weight loss. Pressing these points actually helps in relieving the extra pressure on the digestive system and makes it more functional and effective. This further leads to burning more calories by the digestive system.

So, basically what acupressure does is that it increases your metabolic rate and is helpful in burning more calories.

Five Acupressure Techniques for Weight Loss

In this section, I am going to list some acupressure techniques and points that will boost your weight loss process by stimulating your metabolism or controlling your appetite.

Ear Point


Carefully look that the point that I have shown below on triangular flap of your ear. This point near your ear can help you lose weight in a very effective way. Scientific studies have shown that this point can significantly reduce your appetite and makes you eat less leading to lower calorie consumption.

You can locate this point by placing your finger on the ear flap and moving your jaw. The point at which you experience maximum movement is the point you need to stimulate. Press this point gently for one minute and repeat this activity quite often.

Elbow Point


This point is located near your elbow on the outer side. See carefully in the picture below the location of this point which lies on the outer side of your elbow two inches below. Press this point gently for three minutes to control your appetite and improve your digestive system.

Knee Points


This point is located two inches below the knee cap. You can find it on the outer side of the leg. Pressing this point results in digestion/metabolism improvement and providing nourishment to the blood. To find the right point, flex your feet and the point where you experience most movement is the right point to stimulate. Now apply the pressure on this point for one minute which the help of your forefinger. To see the significant changes in your body, press this point for every two minutes in a day.

Ankle Point


This acupressure point is very effective on strengthening your digestive system. You can find this point on the inner side of the leg and almost two inches above your ankle. Move your foot slowly to find the point with maximum movement. Now put a gentle pressure on this point and release slowly.

Upper lip Point


This point is located just above your upper lips in the middle and just below the nose. You can stimulate this point by putting a gentle pressure on this point for almost three minutes a day can decrease your hunger to a great extent and you often end up with low-calorie consumption.

All these techniques are helpful in managing your cravings, appetite, improving digestion and increasing your metabolism rate. But don’t rely solely on these acupressure techniques to lose weight. You have to watch what you eat and pay proper attention to your exercise regimen to make the most of these techniques.