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How can yoga help you relieve stress and stay happy?


People often think that Yoga is a spiritual activity and it is only meant for Yogi’s and Guru’s. This mindset has been changing and now people are accepting Yoga as a practice for better emotional, physical, and mental health.

With its origins in India, Yoga has now gained popularity all across the world for its health benefits. People completely love the impact it leaves on one’s physical and mental health. It makes people emotionally stronger and eternally happy.

Yoga and Depression

Various scientific studies have found a great connection between Yoga and Depression. I would define this connection as “Doing yoga is inversely proportional to stress or depression.” A scientific research has proved it with strong evidences that Yoga can effectively reduce the tension and stress by relaxing your muscles and boosting your happy hormones.

Practicing yoga daily significantly affects the way you work and your lifestyle. It helps you deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. It makes you more emotionally stable and stronger. Yoga has been proven to bring a great change in your personal and professional life.

Impact of Yoga in your personal and professional life

People get stressful either because of their professional life or their love life and personal family issues. Being underpaid, excessive work stress, toxic relationships, family’s compatibility issues, or family’s financial issues often lead to stress in people. Yoga is helpful in reversing this situation.

Now, you might wonder how yoga can solve all such problems. See, what yoga does is it relaxes your mind and helps you become more functional, take really good decisions, and become more productive in office tasks or personal tasks. It makes you more optimistic and enable you deal with every negative situation with positive mind. It influences your mind in a way that you automatically start making more productive and good decisions in your life.

Five Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress:

Bharadwaja’s Twist

This twist stimulates your spine and abdominal muscles. It relaxes your muscles and makes you stress free.

Big Toe Pose

This pose is known to strengthen and lengthen your hamstrings and giving you a deep relaxation.

Cat Pose

This pose gives a gentle massage to your abdomen and spine. And what can be more relaxing than a massage.

Bridge Pose

Whenever your body needs energy refreshment and rejuvenation, nothing can work as efficiently as the bridge pose.

Channel Cleaning Breath

You know what, getting yourself prepared for Pranayama or Dhayana is a yogic practice in itself. Apart from cleaning your breath, it deep-relaxes