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What exactly is fitness and how to stay so?


Fitness is very important aspects of one’s life and we don’t value it like we should. To some people, fitness is just about being of ideal weight. To them, only under-weight and over-weight people are unfit.

This is the most impractical criteria of defining the fitness. There is much more to fitness than being just underweight or overweight. Your fitness represents the overall state of your body including weight, immunity, digestive system, stamina, concentration, and other mental and physical aspects.

Redefining Fitness

Fitness has got a way wider definition than you think. It’s about your all-round physical and mental abilities to do things that measure how well we really are. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you have an ideal weight if you are not strong physically as well as mentally. This makes it very important to take care of your business through proper exercise and diet.

This video is a brief description of how you should strive to stay fit with balance nutrition and physical activity.