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Pumpkin Seeds For Weight Loss with Health Benefits


Pumpkin seeds are edible seeds of pumpkin also known as “Pepita” and these seeds are famous for its nutritional value. These small seeds are powerhouse of Zinc and Omega 3 fatty acids. Eating a handful of pumpkin seeds as snacks helps to lose weight. Pumpkin seeds are so versatile that you can add them in cookies, salad toppings, burgers, and smoothies. These seeds are rich in Zinc and Magnesium which are very necessary for our body. These sweet seeds are available all across the world, almost throughout the year. Roasting pumpkin seeds in Halloween is a tradition in many European countries. American eat pumpkin seeds during Halloween as a tradition. Nutrients in pumpkin seeds indirectly helps to lose weight by reducing your calorie intake.

Pumpkin seeds are flat dark green seeds covered in off-white husk and these subtly sweet seeds are chewy in texture. Different varieties of pumpkin seeds are available in market like green pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds without outer shells, and light green seeds. You can eat pumpkin seeds in different forms like roasted seeds or make pumpkin seeds coffee. These tiny seeds fulfill the requirement of various nutrients, minerals ;like Zinc, magnesium, copper and Omega 3 fatty acids.

How Pumpkin Seeds Helps to Weight Loss


Eat Handful of Pumpkin Seeds as Snacks to Lose Weight

Snacks are very important. Meals should be eaten frequent and less. Therefore, snacks are needed. Through them, the body control blood sugar, insulin, and other metabolic processes which play an important role in weight and general health.

Pumpkin seeds are a great example of a healthy snack. They can be eaten in addition to fresh salads, dishes, and smoothies.

Why are pumpkin seeds so useful to lose weight?

Donate valuable Magnesium to cardiovascular system which ends in Weight Loss

A very small amount of pumpkin seeds contains almost all the necessary daily intake of magnesium. Magnesium is involved in many important processes in the body related to cardiovascular health, but not only. It helps the proper functioning of the intestines, nervous system, bones, synthesis of DNA and the elasticity of the blood vessels.

You can reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack and high blood pressure with the help of pumpkin seeds. Taking magnesium in natural form helps to fight these diseases and pumpkin seeds has a good amount of magnesium. A healthy heart is very important for losing weight and stay fit.

Delivering Significant Zinc for Immune System and Healthier Immune System fasten Weight Loss Journey

Zinc is a mineral that directly supports immune function. It stimulates cell division, fights with aging processes in them. Moreover, it positively influences mood and sharpens the senses of taste and smell. Zinc improves skin condition and reduces the symptoms of acne.

This crucial mineral plays an important role also for the health of the eyes, in the regulation of insulin and sexual function. Zinc helps to overcome chronic fatigue and contribute to the stimulation of memory and concentration, especially in children and older adults.

Pumpkin seeds for weight loss

Filled with omega-3 fatty acid

Omega-3 fatty acids are very important for the cardiovascular system and losing extra fat around your tummy area. They help regulate fat metabolism and prevent the increase of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, causing fatty deposits in the vessels and metabolic disorders.

Pumpkin seeds contain alpha-linolenic acid and enzymes, whose absorption is inhibited by high levels of insulin in the blood. Consuming pumpkin seeds are very helpful for balancing insulin levels and process omega-3 fatty acids in a better way and enzymes which leads to weight loss.

Have a strong effect against diabetes

Normal insulin level is very important to control and fight diabetes. Pumpkin seeds are mineral rich which helps to control diabetes. As doctors say, prevention is better is better than cure. So try pumpkin seeds to prevent diabetes. Diabetic patients can also use these seeds to control Insulin level.

Pumpkin seeds Suppress Appetite

Pumpkin seeds help to suppress appetite and suppressed appetite help to flush out toxins from the body. Minerals in Pumpkin seeds improves overall body health and regulate functioning of organs.

Pumpkin seeds has Huge amount of Fiber

Fiber is very important when we try to lose weight and pumpkin seeds are rich in fiber. Fiber rich food is very important to lose extra body fat. Our dieting habits play a vital role in our overall health. These small seeds are rich in fiber and healthy fats which are necessary for our body to lose weight. Fiber rich food and grains are important for flat tummy.

Pumpkin Seeds reduce your Calorie Intake

Our calorie intake is very important for weight loss. One should opt for 1200 calorie diet plan for weight loss. Zinc and copper in pumpkin seeds reduce calorie intake and control hunger pangs. Controlled diet and calories are important for weight loss.

Have strong anti-inflammatory properties

Pumpkin seeds have a proven anti-inflammatory effect. They help relieve the pain and stiffness of arthritis and rheumatism.

Pumpkin seeds are rich in antioxidants which helps to lose weight

Antioxidants in pumpkin seeds help the liver to fight toxins in the body. They stimulate their health and contribute to the quality regeneration of liver cells. Pumpkin seeds are rich in fiber and more healthy fats that support the flow of correct cellular metabolism.