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What’s better: Squatting or Running? – 5 Advantages of Squatting over Running


I was hitting my daily routine in the gym and then I heard two of my gym-mates thrashing out over what’s the best exercise – squatting or running.

Me (Inside my head) – I should settle them down before it gets serious.

Also me (Again inside my head) – Let them be. It’s going to be fun.

So I pretended to listen to songs with my earphone plugged in and heard every single word they uttered.

Turns out that squatting was better than running because of its effectiveness and faster results. Great!! I also favored squats in my head.

Squatting – Redefining Fitness

Squatting has become a new trend in today’s world of fitness. Every fitness freak – no matter man or woman – is completely into it for what it has to offer to them. 10 minutes of squatting a day can burn a significant amount of calories, tone your booty, and give you six pack abs. So, how could someone avoid it, right? I personally love squats because they take less time and show great impact. Squats can be little consuming but they are totally worth it.

Now I am a fitness trainer – more of a badass honcho – who will always suggest squats to every person who wants to slay with his or her body. I, personally, prefer squatting over running and I’ll tell you why.

squatting vs running

5 Reasons why doing squats are better than running

Squatting need lesser time commitment than running

Running a mile isn’t going to work for you until it’s not tough to achieve for you. Once you have run to your potential, you’ll have to run some extra miles to achieve what you want to. This way, you end up running 4-6 extra miles, which is very time-consuming even for a fast runner. On the other hand, squatting takes 10 minutes of your day to show that impact that running would show in 1 hour.

So, if you’re into less time and more results, squats are totally made for you.

Squatting doesn’t harm your joints as running does

Running is the highest impact exercise you can impose on your joints and running for a long time can tamper or harm your joints too. Our feet were built to run on the soft soil and not for a long time. But the world we are living in is made up of concrete and cement. Running on the concrete surfaces for a long time can harm your feet’s connective tissues.

So, if you choose squats over running, you’ll save your joints to a long run.

Squatting stimulates more muscles than running

Running might be a really good exercise for your heart and calves, but their stimulus is small. It targets fewer muscles. On the other hand, doing squats stimulates your quadriceps, abdominals, glutes, hamstrings, adductors, hip flexors, and lower back. Squatting creates larger muscle stimulus than running. The more muscles you stimulate, the more calories you’ll burn at rest.

Squatting targets the carbs

People who squat can eat more carbs without worrying (but do not eat in excess) as it is an anaerobic exercise and main source of fuel for squatting is Glycogen, which stores the carbohydrates in your body. On the other hand running is an aerobic exercise and burns fats for the energy. Therefore, if you eat carbohydrates, they will be refilled into the Glycogen and won’t be deposited as fats.

Squatting gives you thinner waist, toned booty, and six pack abs

People who run tend to have a bigger waist than people who do squats. Not only that, running people are likely to have flat booty whereas people who do squats regularly have more toned and firm booty. Squats also stimulate your abdominal muscles to help you get six pack abs. Running excessively makes you skinnier, but squatting makes you fitter by giving you the well-toned body. Just remember, skinny girls look good in clothes. Fitter girls look good naked.